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WE've combined our award-winning talent with the latest field tech. 

Kreate database
Kreate database

Over 5000

hand-picked staff.

 We have one of the largest managed databases in the UK, consisting of over 5,000 handpicked specialist people.  From mass sampling to top-drawer conferences, our folks know how to make your event sing and dance


Our Konnected approach to staffing is a product of over 20 years experience. It's our unique way of ensuring there's 'Science Behind The Smiles'.  

We have developed a tried and tested staffing methodology we call Konnected people.   A unique technology-driven approach that helps us to find, train, motivate and manage our 5,000 handpicked specialist event staff.  We’ve combined the latest field technology with an award-winning on-demand workforce to ensure all our client campaigns are delivered to the highest level of accountability, measurability and diligence.  

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The Kreate academy is bursting with fabulous folks, ready to help you create a uniquely exceptional experience that makes a real impact.  

We're one of the longest standing suppliers of event, promotional and experiential talent in the UK having fulfilled 300,000+ shifts since 1996.  So whether you need high-end hospitality staff or a merry band of leafleters, with Kreate, "it’s all about the people".

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