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Vimto "Vimtoad on t'road": Nationwide sampling & experiential tour.

Vimto is now the third biggest squash brand in the UK as a whole, but it remains less popular down South, making it an area of huge opportunity. Research had shown that many people who wouldn't consider buying Vimto, had never actually tried it, so Vimto asked us to create an experiential campaign to drive sampling with primary and secondary school mums at major supermarket car parks around the country. Because squash is a habitual purchase, mums usually rush through the drinks aisle without scanning the shelf and quickly pick up their usual squash. We needed to break this habit and get them to stop and think about their next drinks purchase, so we had to get Vimto noticed. Our activity was to focus on the No Added Sugar variety as well as to create awareness of the entire Vimto range, drive sales of the Vimto Dilutes range through money-off coupons and amplify the event beyond the campaign through social media to drive sales during a 15-week post-campaign period.

Taking Vimtoad on t’road.

Vimto’s ‘Vimtoad’ above-the-line ad campaign was quirky, fun and exciting so we mirrored this in our experiential activity. Our ‘Vimtoad on t'road’ touring experience brought Vimtoad to life through an AR app that enabled users to morph into the Vimtoad character, which was then projected onto a huge vintage TV screen and shared on Facebook. Our modular stand, which made it easier to setup in different locations also had fun wall of fruit instant-win game. And because many people didn’t know what goes into making Vimto or how it tastes, we educated customers about the delicious mixed 3-fruit squash, which was also available as a no added sugar option for every day drinkers. We sampled the product to new and lapsed drinkers and encouraged mums to purchase Vimto at a reduced in-store price. And if they bought a bottle in-store and brought it back to the stand, they were in for a chance to instantly win £100.

The Vimtoad roadshow delivering results.

The Vimtoad experiential roadshow ran for over a month visiting a total of 59 stores and 1 Tesco Head Office, over 60 activity days. We delivered 94,950 samples and over 29,500 customers were given the chance to win their shopping back, which helped drive incremental sales of over 40,000 units on activity days.

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