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Trinidad & Tobago tourist board - #Tobagoofcourse: An immersive Caribbean experience to promote flights to paradise.

We were asked to create an integrated campaign with an immersive experiential element to help promote the paradise Island of Tobago, through the launch of a new direct flight from Manchester to Tobago, in partnership with Thomas Cook Airlines. In order to set Tobago apart from every other Caribbean holiday destination, we needed to create a tangible showcase of Tobago’s numerous and amazing holiday experiences. We also needed to raise awareness of the flights launching from Manchester to Tobago, and promote a special introductory flight offer throughout August–October, to potential customers in the North West, North East, Scotland and the Midlands.

An unforgettable taste of Tobago, to excite and inspire audiences.

Our immersive experience needed to appeal to a wide audience and increase consideration to purchase. After narrowing down Tobago’s core attractions and activities, we segmented audiences according to interests, habits and hobbies. We then identified three core themes to help us create tailored messages, visuals and experiences. These included (1) Activity - appealing to consumers interested in land activities such as cycling, hiking, bird-watching and hanging out on the beach, and sea activities such as snorkeling, wind surfing, diving and surfing. (2) Culture - for those interested in carnivals, music, history, heritage, food and nightlife, and (3) Luxury and Romance - appealing to those interested in hotels, beach weddings, spas and health & wellbeing. We designed and created a beautiful immersive island paradise with experiences of Tobago based on our three main themes. We combined social and digital experiences with the physical space to create a rich cultural brand experience the public wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Our ‘island’ featured an underwater tropical fish-tank-scuba-selfie, a digital cycle around the island, a limbo dancing challenge and consumers got to meet Tobago Ambassador and EastEnders star Rudolph Walker (OBE). We also brought ‘The Tobago Residents of UK’ to join us for the experience to give consumers an even more authentic experience through face-to-face conversations with knowledgeable and passionate expats. We developed a pre-awareness and post-event geo-targeted social media campaign, including media ads and video to drive audiences to the campaign event page, which had flight offers and a competition to win a holiday to Tobago, along with a PR campaign for key marketing publications.

Raising awareness & changing perceptions.

We made the budget work hard across the entire campaign and we exceeded all of our targets. Our data capture mechanic helped us understand audience perceptions and behaviours to help develop future campaigns. 61% of visitors spent over 5 minutes on the stand, 56% wanted to find out more about Tobago and 53% said they would now consider visiting Tobago. We reached 124,717 through social media and we had a total of 5,512 clicks on the competition page. 81% of visitors left the stand educated about the new flight from Manchester to Tobago.

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