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B2B launch event for the opening of the first London showroom.

Before the Knauf Clerkenwell at Twenty Baltic was opened, Knauf wanted to raise awareness of the showroom by putting on a B2B invite only event to potential clients. We were tasked to raise awareness of the showroom through a pre-launch event whilst appealing to architecture firms. The event needed to display and showcase Knauf products and services and the experience needed to leave a lasting impression whilst changing perceptions of Knauf from a supplier to a design partner offering bespoke services.

A two tier experience.

To immerse architects in an engaging, design centric and educational manner while rooting Knauf heritage and drawing attention to the showroom launch, we created a two tier event experience that would be relevant to the architecture community whilst showcasing and Knauf services and products.

An art gallery & Bavarian beer hall experience.

The day time and evening reception area was transformed into an art gallery and exhibition to display teaser drawings of the Knauf showroom prior to launch. The area was brought to life using construction materials in a contemporary manner to showcase and display services and products. The area featured a pallet reception bar and cloakroom to welcome guests, a boutique barista coffee café serving quality coffees and teas for guests, bespoke scaffold structures to display Knauf case studies and showroom imagery, a mural wall using a variety of Knauf render paints on a Knauf rendered wall, a walk through gallery, video content displaying Knauf design services, product display art exhibition plinths and an industrial scaffold sales desk area in front of a Knauf timeline wall. ​ In the evening the lower ground/basement level was transformed into a traditional Bavarian themed beer hall with bar, German street food and local entertainment hidden deep in the Iphofen Forest of Bavaria. Drawing inspiration from the rich history and heritage from Iphofen, the home of Knauf H/Q in Bavaria, the area was brought to life with a mixture of traditional Bavarian colours, accentuating the blue and white colour scheme while intertwining nature inspired from the Iphofen Forest and filling the area with natural and bespoke blue and white woodland pieces, trees, foliage, leaves and animals. Guests were given a modern twist on the traditional Bavarian beer hall with quality German beer in keepsake Knauf branded steins, German street food by Herman Ze German and an entertaining modern take on an oompah band by the contemporary Hackney Colliery Band.

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