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Jose Cuervo "Tequila town": A tequila experience to get punters into the spirit of Jose Cuervo.

José Cuervo tequila is an amazing spirits brand in a saturated market, where consumer tastes are changing and being pulled in all directions. The brand needed help to change consumer perceptions and demonstrate the versatility of José Cuervo tequila and attract a new audience to the delights of the spirit. We were asked to develop a campaign that would help drive sales at point of purchase, through a consumer experience that would bring the brand to life, and get consumer taste buds buzzing. We worked with their on-trade partner, Walkabout pubs by supporting their existing ‘Mixing it Up’ DJ competition and provided a dynamic sampling campaign.

DJ’s, drinking, dancing & demographics.

We figured that when people are out for the night, the last thing they want is to be sold to. So we developed an entertaining campaign that would get drinkers to experience firsthand the ‘Rebellious Spirit’ of José Cuervo. Our ‘Tequila Shack’ pop-up bar gave customers a strong, enticing visual experience, while our perfect Mexican Mule drinks got them in the spirit of things and in the mood for the foot-tapping music courtesy of the DJ Academy. We delivered a raucous and fun pop-up sampling experience that got drinkers involved across 10 Walkabout venues nationwide. We also gathered valuable data and key campaign insights by measuring consumer awareness, brand perception vs. intent to purchase and audience demographics vs. target audience to enable better targeting for future campaigns.

The seductive Mexican mule wins hearts & minds.

Over the 5-week UK tour, 5,250 customers enjoyed an ice-cold Mexican Mule, exceeding our target by 235%. 87% of those sampled said they ‘love the taste’; with 72% saying they were highly likely to buy the drink again (compared to 15% before the experience). 82% claimed they would recommend the drink to a friend and 100 % agreed it was a positive brand experience.

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