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William Grant & Sons - Disaronno sour sampling: Recruiting customers with a 450% increase in sales.

Disaronno, the stylish Italian spirit is a firm favourite with 18 to 34 year olds who stay loyal to the brand through repeat purchase. In the past Disaronno’s marketing efforts have helped consolidate this loyalty but has done little to convert new customers - the brand is perceived among non-drinkers as an ’exclusive’ spirit, which acts as a barrier to purchase. A recent survey suggested low awareness amongst consumers of how and when to drink Disaronno. However when consumers taste the drink, it leads to a higher propensity to purchase, with 83% saying they would buy Disaronno after tasting it. William Grant & Sons asked us to create an engaging and impactful sampling campaign to give non-drinkers a sample, help convert them into new customers and add value to on-trade outlets. The sampling experience had to deliver over 25,000 tastings and encourage in-store purchase of Disaronno Sour. We also had to encourage consumers to visit an online Disaronno micro-site for the chance to win a trip to Sicily or a bottle of the spirit.

Sampling Disaronno sour.

We targeted a total of 600 pubs and premium cafe bars across London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds with 10 Brand Ambassadors on customised sampling trikes - which could double up as transport as well as a sampling platform. Along with the tasting sample, customers were given a drink voucher to redeem at the bar, as well as an instant win (peel-back) leaflet, which directed them to Disaronno’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Driving a significant rise in sales and sentiment as a result of the experience.

Overall we exceeded our target and sampled 27,000 customers across 208 different venues nationwide, which helped sales of Disaronno Sour jump by over 450% on activity days. The buzz from our sampling campaign spread to social media, where people shared pictures of their Disaronno Sours and swapped cocktail recipes and tips.

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