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Birds Eye "Adult dining" tour: Creating awareness for Birds Eye’s new ‘Inspirations’ range.

Birds Eye was under increasing pressure in the frozen food category from both own-label supermarket products as well as from Young’s Foods - their main brand competitor. The Birds Eye Inspirations range, which includes ‘Fish Chargrills’ and ‘Chicken Inspirations’, forms part of their wider strategy, to own the world of midweek adult dining through a range of delicious everyday meals. Bird’s Eye ran their biggest ever UK ad campaign to support the range and help change consumer perceptions of frozen food, from being a ‘fall back’ meal to a first choice dining option. They asked us to develop a campaign that would help them fulfill a number of objectives. These included creating awareness amongst existing Birds Eye customers and introducing the range to new customers. We also had to help drive sales of the Inspirations (and Fusions range) instore through discount coupons, and support their national advertising campaign.

Tasty mid-week dinner tasters.

Because people tend to rely on what they know for quick midweek meals, our aim was to encourage them to make weekday dinners more varied and exciting, but without the extra effort. The best way to get consumers on board was to give them a taste of what they were missing out on, so we took the brand on the road for a nationwide sampling tour. The two teams sampled the Chicken Inspirations and Fish Chargrills range around the UK, spending 3 days each at 45 Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s stores over a 3-month period.

Driving significant sales and awareness of the range as a result of the experience.

We used branded visuals to attract customers and way-finding signage that directed shoppers towards the freezer aisle, where one of our brand teams engaged customers to help drive sales. Birds Eye brand ambassadors also handed out product information leaflets along with ‘freeze to win’ game cards for the chance to win one of 8,000 free product coupon prizes. Over the 135 days of activity we sampled 355,430 people and 202,500 money-off coupons were distributed to customers, leading to a total of 24,123 product sales on sampling activity days.

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