Experiential Marketing, Promotional Staffing and Event Management: Stand out from the crowd!

We started life as a promotional staffing agency providing dancers and actors for events. Due to the calibre and dedication of our promotional staffing, event management and experiential marketing teams, Kreate quickly became recognised as a fully integrated promotional staffing agency. We’ve a long history in providing people as brand ambassadors and it’s testament to our track record that clients have asked us to be involved more and more.

Today, we provide strategy, concepts, design, account management, production, fulfillment and implementation in addition to promotional staff. This makes us a truly full service experiential agency.

We’ve also grown geographically, which means you’ll find us fun, affordable and available worldwide!

Promotional Staffing and Event Staffing Solutions

Whether you are a client looking for suitable promo staff for your brand, a member of promotional staff looking for work or you are looking to join the Kreate team, this page has all the details that you need to know. Just click the section on the left hand side page relevant to what you are looking for or contact us on 020 7401 9007.

Why Make Kreate Your Promotional Staffing Agency?

If you are planning to run experiential event marketing campaigns to engage with prospective customers and are looking for a promo staffing agency to source staff, implement and manage your campaigns, then you have come to the right place. Kreate are one of the UK’s leading promo staffing companies, offering an array of promotional staff solutions perfect for you and your brand, whatever your need or requirement. We work with more promo staff than any other agency, boasting an impressing database of staff and over 10 years of experience as an award winning promo staffing agency. We specialise in sourcing the right people to promote your products, ensuring the success and effectiveness of your experiential campaigns UK-wide.

Why Kreate For Your Experiential Marketing?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the world of Experiential Marketing - what is it? What does it do? How will it achieve my objectives? How will it enhance my brand? How can I use Experiential Marketing? At Kreate we don’t try to confuse matters in this arena - we simply believe that you tell us your brand objectives and let us, the experts in this field, achieve them for you by creating a memorable cost effective and successful experiential marketing activity.

We have the capacity to take your brief, digest your objectives and present to you a range of ways through face to face contact and added theatre to achieve the goals of your experiential marketing campaigns. Through our in house planning and strategy, creative, technology, logistics departments and promotional staffing teams, we can work with you in turning today's consumer into tomorrow's customer.

If you want to know more about how we work, what we can deliver and how we can help your brand please call 020 7401 9007.